Mission Statement

Connecting a new generation to the Knoxville Museum of Art by providing exclusive opportunities to learn through art.

Art is fundamental.  Nowhere is that more evident than inside the walls of the Knoxville Museum of Art.  The Knoxville Museum of Art is a place that…

  • celebrates the art and artists of East Tennessee
  • presents new art and new ideas
  • educates and serves our diverse community

We believe that the KMA enhances our quality of life and economic development.  However, for our targeted membership, our experiences with the museum have been limited to special events – meetings, receptions and fundraisers.  We want to change that.

We know there are people who believe in the arts who are not currently engaged with the KMA.  And we know that the KMA has much to offer.  It is our hope to bridge this gap and infuse a vibrant, youthful air into not only through the events we have planned, but looking ahead to the museum’s long term future as well.

That’s why our committee has developed an eclectic roster of fun, social experiences  – all focused on art.  These events appeal to couples, singles, and families in equal measure.

We want to take responsibility for the next era of the KMA and fortify this group with exclusive opportunities to learn and grow through our museum.

We are calling it Art House of Knoxville.

Currently, Art House membership is limited to a group of 75 individuals or families.  Membership is $120, and includes membership to the KMA.

Membership includes…

  • discounted admission to Alive After Five
  • exclusive access to ArtHouse events
  • invitations to other members-only events and previews
  • subscription to the museum’s newsletter, Canvas
  • discounts in the museum shop
  • reciprocal memberships privileges to 60 Southeastern museums